Pre & Post Event Sports Massage

What is Pre & Post Event Massage?
Pre and Post event sports massage is specifically designed to help an athlete perform at their best and recover as quickly and effectively as possible after their event.
Pre event massage can be carried out anytime from two days to immediately before an event.
Post event massage should be done as soon as possible after the event.
Who will benefit from a pre and post event massage?
Anyone taking part in any sport at any level will benefit from a pre and post event massage.
What are the benefits?
Pre event
Pre event massage can
  • Increase the circulation of blood to the muscles to allow them to be flushed and oxygenated.
  • Create a state of readiness in the muscles ant tissues.
  • Help muscles to relax so the joints can be moved through their full range of motion.
  • Enable the athlete to focus on their event either by relaxing or by completing their mental preparations
Post event
post event massage can
  • Help flush out the toxins and lactic acid built up during the exercise
  • Help return the muscles to a relaxed state
  • Reduce the risk of next day muscle soreness
  • Reduce swelling and promote faster healing
  • Help an athlete with their cool down routine , this is especially good after an event when an athlete is often too tired or excited to cool down properly
  • Help an athlete to relax after their event and gives them time to mentally recover from the event.
How does pre and post event massage work?
We will turn up at your event with everything we need. All we require from you is space for our tent.
We will arrive before the start of your event and set up our tent and table and wont leave until we are sure everyone who wants a massage has been.
The day can be organised in many ways depending on your wishes but the most popular ways are club organised or Pal Therapies organised.
Club organised
Usually the club will pay a fixed fee for the event and pre-arrange which athletes they want to receive a massage.
Pal Therapies organised
The club pays no fee but each athlete pays a small charge for receiving a massage. It works simply with each athlete adding their name to our list when they finish the event and we massage on a first come first served basis.
In all cases each athlete will receive a 10-15min massage and be given some water to rehydrate and aid recovery of the muscles.
For Individual pre and post event massage please contact us to discuss your needs.