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Sports Therapy Massage
Are you injured and in pain?
Are you well and would like to stay that way?
answer yes to either of these questions and our clinic is the perfect place for you.
Our therapists are fully qualified to a minimum VTCT Level 4 Sports Therapy and Massage

Sports massage, Covers injury prevention and the maintenance of functions by stretching and manipulating muscle and connective tissue. Our therapists are trained and qualified to level 4 dimpola in sports massage and remedial therapy,in order to provide injury analysis and rehabilitation in soft tissue injuries however acute or cronic.The benefits of sports massage on a regular basis allow the body to train to its full potential and recover optimally.
Sports massage therapy is for everyone who is experiencing everyday stresses and strains or restricted range of movement.
Sports injuries, are commonly caused by over use, direct impact, or an application of force that is greater than the body can withstand.
Acute injuries, occur as a result of a sudden event , such as , a twisted ankle or knee.
Chronic injuries are caused by overusing the same muscle groups or joints.
If pain persists,we recommend that you book an appointment to come and see us.
Most common injuries we get to see and treat are,
Lower and upper back pain, shoulder problems, ankle sprains,achilles tendonitis,hamstring strains, knee mobility, runners knee , jumpers knee, shin splints,groin strain,tennis / golfers elbow
Sports Therapy Massage is a more intensive version of Swedish massage using deep tissue  techniques specifically designed to prevent and treat sports injuries to muscles and tendons.we work on the full problem areas from origin of the muscle through the muscle to and including the insertion of the muscular area. A Sports Therapy Massage generally concentrates on a specific problem area.For example if we work on your upper arm we will work from the shoulder and surronuding area to the forearm working on all the muscles involved.
There are 4 types of Sports massage:
Pre-event - A short 15 minute massage before an event concentrating on the areas of the body used during the event.
Post-Event -From A short 10 minute to 1hr  massage after an event concentrating on the areas of the body used during the event.
Restorative - Given during the training period before an event to allow an athlete to train harder with less injury.
Rehabilitative - Used to revive the body to good health and alleviate pain following an injury.
Pal Therapies offer all 4 types of sports massage on a mobile basis, restorative and rehabilitative massage will be carried out in your home. Pre and Post events can be carried out on-site, please see our Pre & Post event page for more details.
Who will benefit from a Sports Therapy Massage?
You do not need to be a high level athlete to benefit from a sports massage anyone regularly participating in a sport can benefit as well as people with injuries, pain or restricted movement.
What are the benefits?
Sports Therapy Massage can
  • Help maintain or improve good muscle health, enabling an athlete to train harder with less injury.
  • Restore mobility to injured muscles.
  • Reduce pain by reducing tension in muscles.
  • Remove waste products such as lactic acid.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Encourages the muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients.
  • Break down scar tissue and adhesions.
  • Relax the body and mind.